E! News Weekend
October. 16-17, 1999

David Lynch - He's best known for directing movies such as "Blue Velvet" and tv's "Twin Peaks" with complex, some times bizarre characters. Lynch shifts gears with his latest film, "The Straight Story."

It tells the true story of Alvin Straight, who rode 350 miles on his lawnmower to reunite with his ailing brother. To play Alvin, Lynch chose Oscar nominated Richard Farnsworth. Sissy Spacek portrays Alvin's daughter. Both Sissy and the director were delighted that 79 year-old Farnsworth came out of retirement to do the film.

Lynch: "Richard Farnsworth was born to play Alvin Straight. He's one of the greatest actors, you know, around."

Spacek: "He's just the finest man. It was just a joy to get to know him and work with him."


Because Farnsworth identified so well with his character, most scenes were shot in only one take. The Straight Story opens in theaters today.


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