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Download Mulholland Drive clips in quicktime from the film from BACfiles:
"We don't stop here.".
A funny story.
"I wonder where you were going?".
"Someone is in trouble.".
Adam and Betty meet.

Download the Mulholland Drive French trailer from here. (quicktime)

Download the Universal Mulholland Drive trailer:
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Clips from the New York Film Fest Press conference:
Lynch on going from TV to a feature film
Lynch on mysteries
Lynch on his future plans

Mulholland Drive Music Video
Quicktime, 6 mb

French Interview with Lynch
AVI, 12 mb

AFI Awards Mulholland Drive Segment
Quicktime, 10 mb

Lynch Tonight Show 2001 Appearance
Quicktime, 6.2 mb

Golden Globe Awards Mulholland Drive Segment
Quicktime, 3.7 mb

ABC Oscar Preview Mulholland Drive Segment
Quicktime, 3.6 mb

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