MTV News Lost Highway Soundtrack piece:

"Filmmaker David Lynch on the other hand, is more receptive to Marylin Manson's charms, and has cast him and guitarist Twiggy Ramirz in a mock porno film that appears in his upcoming Lost Highway, a tale involving a tormented jazz musician, a randy car mechanic and Patricia Arquette in two roles…or are they the same woman? The film opens next month and Arquette says Lynch's love of music was only too evident on the set:"

Patricia Arquette discusses Lynch's use of music when directing. (.wav format - 242kb)

"Remember she's blonde and brunette in the movie. Now the Lost Highway soundtrack was coordinated by Nine Inch Nail Trent Reznor who did the same duty on Oliver Stone's "Natural Born Killers." Nine Inch Nails will have three new tracks, including the first single "Perfect Drug" on the Lost Highway soundtrack, which also features Smashing Pumpkins, Lou Reed and David Bowie contributing songs to Lynch's tripped out noir."

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