Movie Clips
All are avi format. Requires Microsoft ADPCM audio codec for sound. If you don't hear audio, Win95/98 users follow the directions here.

U.S. Theatrical trailer (6.7 mb - quicktime format)

French Theatrical trailer (1.2 mb - avi format)

Japanese Theatrical trailer (1.7 mb - avi format)

Japanese Theatrical trailer 2 (4.7 mb - avi format)

Soundtrack ad (1.29 mb - avi format)

Film scene 1 (1.86 mb - avi format) - "Dick Laurent is dead..."

Film scene 2 (1.29 mb - avi format) - Renee finds the first tape.

Film scene 3 (.77 mb - avi format) - "Fred, are you alright?"

Film scene 4 (2.33 mb - avi format) - Watching the second tape

Film scene 5 (5.62 mb - avi format) - "We've met before, haven't we?"

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