NBC Today show Feb. 20, 1997
Jill Rappaport Lost Highway Segment

We get a hair-raising experience in the new film Lost Highway staring Bill Pullman.

In David Lynch's Lost Highway, betrayal, sex and murder all add to the intrigue of the film that toys with time and the mind. And stars Bill Pullman in a very complex and bizarre role.

Pullman: It's a very, kind of scary movie, and very enigmatic - a lot of questions it raises.

Rappaport: This is a director that really loves to mess with the audience's minds.

Pullman: Yeah, yeah. He does. He is like a dreammaster that's going to throw some dreams at you that you can't get out of your head all day, the next day or days afterwards.

Rappaport: And for an actor, the same experience?

Pullman: Yeah. I'm still getting it out of my head.

Rappaport: He really messed you up didn't he.

Pullman: He did.

Rappaport: Lost Highway opens in New York and L.A. tomorrow and nationwide in the weeks to come.

Couric: And the guy with the white makeup, that was Baretta.

Rappaport: Yeah, Robert Blake - Baretta.

Couric: Is that Bill Pullman a nice guy?

Rappaport: He's very sweet. And this movie, I'll tell you, it's terrifying. It really messes with your mind.

Couric: Oh good, it sounds like fun. I'll have to go see it.

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