Tonight Show Feb. 28, 1997
Patricia Arquette - Lost Highway interview

Courtesy Jennifer Heim

Leno: Now let me ask you about your new movie. This sounds like the perfect lead in. Because this movie is very odd.

Arquette: Well, yes, it's a very adventurous movie and it's not for the weak hearted. You know, it's not for the, uh . . .

Leno: It's scary.

Arquette: It's striaght out scary. It's very dark. It's not for kids or for people who want some light fair.

Leno: Yeah.

Arquette: But it's a movie that people will be talking about probably in about 50 years still.

Leno: David Lynch is very . . . sort of . . . He's an interesting man. He makes very odd, surrealistic . . . Surrealistic would probably be a good word.

Arquette: Yeah, it's like deciphering a dream this movie, you know. I have a certain interpretation of it, but most film makers want to force you to know exactly what they want you to believe, you to feel at any possible moment and David is much freer about it. He wants the audience to participate in the experience. But it's a very physical movie in watching it he sort of creates that energy of chaos and fear.

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