Movieline, Jan/Feb 1997
Lost Highway Sex article

Sex ninety-seven:
A Survey of the Steam to Come

Movie: Lost Highway
Type of Sex: David Lynch-ish
Sex Objects: Bill Pullman, Patricia Arquette,
Natasha Wagner, Balthazar Getty
Lowdown: Don't ask us what this movie is about, but it has so much sex in it that if it's about anything else, that "else" has been shortchanged. All hell breaks loose when Bill Pullman comes too fast and wife Patricia Arquette pats him on the back understandingly. That is very bad marital comportment, and soon Arquette is dead. Mysteriously delivered videos suggest that Pullman is not the guy she should have had around while she was sleeping. Through a strange process conceived and understood only by David Lynch, the incarcerated Pullman becomes Balthazar Getty and Arquette becomes-how shall we say it?-a slightly different Arquette. Getty proceeds to get carnal with comely Natasha Wagner in the back of a car (where Getty's butt can be seen ardently employed in what insiders say is a stand-out sexy scene), and in a motel. Arquette, meanwhile, turns out to have done some pornography in her time. On a conveniently giant TV screen, we see some of these exploits, which involve her being screwed from the south by a big, bald man. Rocker Marilyn Manson (those of you who don't rock should note that Marilyn is a guy) appears in a porno scene in which Arquette porno-pets with another girl, and gets her nipples licked.

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