The Late Show, February. 28, 1997
Bill Pullman Lost Highway interview

*Note: I have only included the part of the interview here specific to Lost Highway

Letterman: Now the new movie, Lost Highway right?

Pullman: Yeah, Lost Highway.

Letterman: And it's an interesting film because it's a...

Pullman: ...David Lynch film.

Letterman: David Lynch, responsible for...?

Pullman: Blue Velvet

Letterman: A great film. Eraserhead

Pullman: Eraserhead

Letterman: You ever see that Eraserhead?

Pullman: Yes.

Letterman: You see that Eraserhead, you think, well, he may not be hooked up right. You know what I mean? That's a very, very peculiar movie.

Pullman: Yeah. Well, they all have their own peculiarities.

Letterman: What is the film about?

Pullman: This one is. A story about...I play a guy who is with...Patricia Arquette is my wife and we're having troubles. It's a raw relationship. And she ends up dead and they think I did it. I don't think I did.

Letterman: What do you mean you don't think you did? Did you or didn't you do it?

Pullman: Hey, it worked with O.J. Come on!

Letterman: You mind if we show a clip? We have a clip of the film "Lost Highway." It opens...

Pullman: You never show a clip. I feel so honored!

Letterman: No. It opens today. Is that when it opens?

Pullman: It opens wide today. In New York it opened last week.

Letterman: Bill Pullman in Lost Highway. Take a look:

(He shows a gag clip)

Letterman: It opens today. Absolutely right.

Pullman: I looked good in that clip!

Letterman: You looked great. Good luck with the film Bill. Thank you very much for coming back buddy.

Pullman: Thanks for having me here.

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