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Lost Highway Report

E! Sundance Film Festival report:
Lost Highway segment

E!: Perhaps no premiere was more highly anticipated than Lost Highway, the latest twisted vision from long time indy film guru David Lynch.

Pullman: Now there's a guy that walked the walk for many years...

Arquette: ...Took all the blows to the chin, opened up the doors there for all these people. And you know, for him to bring his movie here, also elevates the status of it saying: yeah, this is important.


E!: The two stars of Lost Highway, Bill Pullman and Patricia Arquette, saucered into town, and made every effort to live up to the stigma of appearing in a David Lynch movie. Either that, or all the cold air was slowing the oxygen flow to their brain:

Pullman: Patricia's outfit, this was actually taken from a live animal that was walking around just briefly.

Arquette: It was! A purple ascot kangaroo, which we stripped, with our bare paws. And we cleaned our hands and the blood off of us in the snow. Because that's what independence is really all about.

Pullman: Yeah.

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