Details, Feb. 1996
Patricia Arquette - Lost Highway Interview

In an interview between Spanking the Monkey director David O. Russell and Patricia Arquette this little bit was said:

DAVID: Are you going to show your breasts in the new David Lynch movie [Lost Highway]?

PATRICIA: It's pretty erotic, so probably.

DAVID: Really? You're showing your breasts in his movie as a porn star but you wouldn't in mine as a mother or as a wife? NOBODY ever takes their clothes off in a David Lynch movie.

PATRICIA: First of all, Laura Dern had her boobs all over the place in the movie she did for him! And so did Sheryl Lee in Fire Walk With Me. And when I was breastfeeding in those scenes in your movie, I didn't mind showing my tits.

DAVID: I don't think you should do it. I think the best actresses are very selective about what they show. It's just like Led Zeppelin is very selective about the exposure their music gets. They won't do soundtracks, and as a result their music never gets stale. Actresses who won't show nudity make me think of an earlier era when you didn't always see your spouse on the toilet or taking a bath. You had a distance and respect that kept a certain strangeness alive.

PATRICIA: Well, I don't think I need someone to be in the bathroom with me. I prefer to spend a lifetime with that privately. I mean, just let me have my own shit, please. That's my private time!

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