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The following is from a piece on LH on Access Hollywood last week:

Hollywood is gearing up for a very hot and cool new movie form the always eccentric director David Lynch. It stars Bill Pullman and Patricia Arquette. They took us for a wild ride on the Lost Highway. First, he shocked us with Blue Velvet, then he changed the face of television with Twin Peaks, now director David Lynch takes us on his strangest trip yet, Lost Highway. A murder mystery starring Patricia Arquette and Bill Pullman about a jealous husband accused of killing his wife.

Arquette - You don't know where the hell you're headed. He'll take you anywhere, but when you're watching one of his films you know you're watching a David Lynch movie.

For Patricia making Lost Highway was an emotionally draining experience. Especially the sexuality.

Arquette - Some days I would lie on the ground crying. It was just a lot to deal with, but it was healthy for me. It was the bravest thing I could do as an actor and brave for myself.

The toughest challenge, the nude scenes, which she decided she wasn't going to prepare for.

Arquette - I said, you know what, I'm not going to work out at all. And I'm going to eat candy whenever I have to be naked. Because I just want someone to have the balls to have a normal body.

Lost Highway may not be for the faint at heart, but for Bill Pullman making it was enlightening.

Pullman - You know, this is the kind of story that really gives you a chance to, you know, encounter things that you know are part of what it is to be alive.

Lost Highway is in theatres everywhere this weekend.

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